Warner Music Group

Optimisation as a Service 'OaaS' helps save on connectivity costs and reduce transfer replication.


We were introduced to Warner Music Group (WMG) by our partner Vohkus. WMG were already well versed in optimisation technology, having been a Riverbed user for a number of years.

The main reasons for looking at alternative technologies were:

  • Investigating optimisation technology that could optimise IP traffic to support their internal application service development.
  • The ability to optimise traffic that was a pass through application for their current vendor, specifically for replication data across the USA.

The interest was immediate with OaaS-Silver Peak being an IP Layer optimiser.


There was almost immediate agreement to move to a Proof of Concept. The replication link between New York and Burbank was chosen as the PoC Application, primarily as it was established that without optimisation the existing 300Mbps MPLS connection would need to be increased to 1GB.

A 92.4% traffic reduction was experienced, providing:

  • 7 hours down to 30 minutes back-up duration. This negated the need to increase bandwidth, with 900Mbps throughput being achieved from a 200Mbps Virtual Appliance.
  • A huge reduction in on-going budgetary requirement.


The decision to implement OaaS-Silver Peak across 15 global sites was taken.

"In testing the replication transfer was reduced from 7hrs to approx 30 mins (90%+ reduction in EMC SRDF replication traffic), enabling a considerable cost saving on our connectivity between New York and California, e.g. 1GB reduced to 300Mbps effectively paying for the solution in a matter of months.

A further benefit is that the solution is delivered as a service, with intuitive monthly performance reports that allows WMG to continually improve the service to our end users, and reduce costs going forward. All elements of the service to-date have been first class.”

Anthony Akbar, Associate Director of International Infrastructure, WMG