SD-WAN Executive Forum attracts record attendance 

Xalient holds second SD-WAN Executive Forum at Houses of Parliament

A record number of CIO’s, infrastructure, network and IT executives from sectors spanning services, manufacturing, retail, transport and utilities, attended Xalient's second SD-WAN Executive Forum at the Houses of Parliament recently.

The event addressed the following questions:

  • How does SD-WAN help solve the pain points of legacy MPLS?
  • What has been the experience of companies already using SD-WAN?
  • How are companies making the business case for SD-WAN?

Mark Cooke, Xalient's Chief Operating Officer, launched the Forum by setting out five core challenges facing IT executives.

“If you’re responsible for IT infrastructure in a company with multiple sites connected by an MPLS-based WAN, running a mix of applications – some in its data centres, some in the cloud – then you’re likely facing five related challenges today. Specifically, you need:

  • Better performance, reliability and user experience from your corporate applications. Whether located in the cloud or in your data centres, these often aren’t performing as well as your company needs. For example, key applications respond slowly when your network gets overwhelmed by traffic, hitting productivity.
  • More visibility and control over WAN traffic. You don’t have enough visibility over the types of traffic flowing over your networks. Traffic volumes are increasing, but it’s hard or impossible to determine which is high-priority and which is not. Because you can’t tell, it’s difficult to make informed decisions over how much extra capacity you should plan to deploy in future.
  • Greater control over costs. The MPLS circuits connecting your sites are expensive. Adding extra capacity to carry growing traffic volumes is therefore costly. In planning the evolution of your network architecture, you want to make smarter decisions to ensure your network is cost-effective.
  • Increased agility. MPLS networks come with long lead times – up to 90 working days to provision a circuit, for example. When you need to bring a new site onto your corporate network it’s too slow a process. You need to able to configure and deploy your network faster.
  • Stronger security. Given an increasingly hostile threat landscape, security continues, of course, to be of the highest priority.

He then asked delegates “What’s underlying these challenges? What’s driving them? And why are they becoming urgent now?”

Executives heard from Xalient's own SD-WAN Managed Services experts along with partners SilverPeak and Zscaler, how SD-WAN can successfully address these challenges; also from two of its global customers in the CPG and manufacturing sectors who are leading the charge in implementation.

To find out more about the event content, to find out more about Xalient's SD-WAN Solutions, or to register your interest for the next Forum, please get in touch.