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World-class WAN technologies delivering bespoke network solutions to optimise your business.

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Xalient specialises in helping companies to choose, deploy and manage flexible, fast and reliable WAN solutions.

Increasingly we are leveraging Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology to deliver agility and superior performance, securely, to optimise business.

Our capabilities and extensive track record in deploying global SD-WAN solutions is unmatched in the industry, and has been further strengthened following our acquisition of Ecologic Systems in 2016.

"— the disruptions caused by the transformation to digital business models are driving adoption of SD-WAN at a pace that is unheard of in wide-area networking.”

More and more enterprise customers are realising the benefits that can be derived from separating the WAN transport layer from the actual management.

SD-WAN is transport agnostic and can be deployed across any carrier platform in full mesh, as well as hub-and-spoke network topologies, delivering significant cost savings and the ability to implement connections from diverse carriers with far greater speed, thereby removing previous barriers of long MPLS circuit lead times.

Managed SD-WAN is an attractive option for multi-site companies:

  • With growing bandwidth requirements.
  • Migrating to SaaS based solutions where internet connectivity is required from all locations.
  • Requiring rapid deployment of connectivity.
  • Deploying voice/video and requiring Quality of Service across all WAN/internet technologies.
  • Wanting to deploy active-active connections to their branch offices, rather than active-passive to increase bandwidth available.
  • Requiring optimisation of applications across their WAN.