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Delivering independent strategic expert advice and support throughout your secure network transformation journey.

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As digital transformation programs are evolving, it's becoming clear to CIO's that network transformation has now become a strategic imperative and critical enabler for success.

Xalient Consult Services help organisations to design and implement a secure network transformation strategy that fully  supports their business objectives and accelerates their digital transformation journey - leaving them safe, secure and connected.

Network Transformation Strategy
Experienced Xalient business consultants work with customers to develop a strategy and roadmap, ensuring that processes and technology are reviewed and evolved to meet the changing needs of each business and its marketplace.

Product Evaluation
Once a strategy has been defined for our customers, we can evaluate technology products and services from the major vendors in the market.  Our consultants routinely scan the market for innovative, mature security and networking solutions, testing and comparing and determining 'best of breed' for our clients.

Xalient then works closely with each client to assess these market offerings and provides assistance in evaluating their suitability from a strategic, technical and financial perspective. This includes detailed documentation of the requirements and recommendations.

Our technical consultants work closely with the business consultants and the client to design and build the total solution and the associated implementation plan. Our project managers are engaged to ensure that the implementation goes to plan and the expected results are achieved.

Cost Reduction
If cost reduction is a priority then Xalient is able to audit and analyse existing infrastructure and costs, and can help you reduce these by leveraging its buying power with major service providers. This can be charged on a savings achieved basis in some instances.

Security Consultancy
Xalient believes you have to take a risk-based approach to deliver appropriate security and we believe that network security and identity and access controls must be built in from the start. Our consultants can help you through the full lifecycle of risk management stages to ensure you know what are the right things to do for your business, how to implement them, and also how to run them effectively.

We provide independent advice covering:

  • Audits and health checks
  • Security incident response service
  • Threat intelligence as a service
  • Cyber security strategy and roadmap.